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Monday, 8 August 2011



We all know that Syaitan are our greatest enemy. They had sworn to sway us away from the Islam and Iman. If there is any bad things we do, we often associate it with the Syaitan, whispering in our heart to push us do the sinful thing, like MENGUMPAT, STEALING, and even KILLING. Syaitan is of course blamed for every bad things happening in the world.
What makes me wonder?
Isn’t it during Ramadhan, all syaitan are chained to protect human from being tempted?
Why is it, that nothing had actually changed? 

Just look into our heart, we ourselves can do sinful things during Ramadhan, like FITNAH, MENGUMPAT, even NEGLECT THE 5 SOLATS. Look around us, we can see people proudly not fasting, innocently walking during Friday prayer, and some even go to the extreme such as raping and killing. Can we really blame Syaitan for all this?
I definitely agree that syaitan is the one who whisper to us, tempting us to do sinful things and I agree that they are human’s enemy till Judgement Day. But how can we explain the sinful things we do during Ramadhan?

Syaitan has an EASY job. They just plant a seed in our heart. That seed can be as little as some white lie (bohong sunat kononnye). Then, the seed grows faster than what we expected. It might spread the new seed to another heart (hati orang lain yang terdekat). We keep doing it, and thus the seed grows.Until one time, we no longer care what is dosa and what is pahala. To make things worst, not only we are like that, we try to persuade our friends to act the same (KELAB MENGUMPAT BERAMAI-RAMAI). What is the difference then between us and syaitan? Basically we can see ourselves. Syaitan’s work is very easy. Let’s give those syaitan a challenge shall we?

Jauhilah kelab mengumpat beramai-ramai tidak kira bulan puasa atau bulan-bulan yang lainnya. Usahlah menjamu daging saudaramu sendiri sebelum tiba waktu berbuka. Sesungguhnya bau mulut orang yang berpuasa akan dijanjikan nikmat wangi di akhirat kelak jika berakhlak mulia, sebaliknya bau mulut orang berpuasa tetapi dipenuhi dengan aktiviti mengumpat belum tentu dijanjikan wangi di akhirat kelak. Wallahua'lam.